Defensive End for 1st round pick - is there any doubt?

Ok, a lot of weird stuff today,
Did not even know you couldn’t take back to back timeouts. Must have missed when that rule was put in.

That all said. is there any doubt that the DE from Oregon will be the first pick for the Lions.
Zero and I mean Zero pass rush all day. Dalton even ran for a first down in a key situation.

None of the other stuff matters when the QB has 10 seconds to throw the ball. The difference in the D-lines was huge. Bears were near the top of the league in sacks and you can see why.

This team needs everything but a DE is at the top of the list after watching the Lions lose to a 3-7 team with a backup QB.

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Thibodaux or Hutchinson with 1st pick. High value position at position of need.

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Trade down if there is a good package available. We need more than one pass rusher and it’s a good Edge draft.


Just trade down into the 7th round. Who cares anymore. We’re going to suck for the remaining 6 years of DC’s contract.

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You mean for both first round picks right? Lol. Our pass rush is incredibly bad, and with our luck the first guy will get injured and things will return to the way they were

Sure why not use both picks in the first for DEs.
Maybe even trade up for a higher first round pick (i.e. - the 2nd of the 1st round picks)

It was too brutal to watch today seeing Dalton have so much time and completing long passes downfield. This guy should have been buried and would have been by most other teams.

It’s a given it needs to be one of the 2 DEs.

The only doubt is whether one is worth the number one overall pick.
I think there’s a clear 1 in Thibs. Although many might disagree.
Long shot is Hutch.
Fine with either. That pass rush is putrid.

It’s assumed we end up with 1oa…

What if the eagles wanted to move up for thibs or hutch would you make the trade for their 2 firsts giving us 3?

Would you be ok with DE Karlaftis, DE/LB Drake Jackson And either QB/S/WR with the 3rd first?

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No ! No !!..A 1,000 Time NO !!..Karlaftis is soooooooo far behind Thibs & Hutch, it’s insane…

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Lol at the trade down talk already.

The team needs elite playmakers and nobody is trading up to #1 in a year without a surefire top pick.


Bro, I talk trade down every year. Last year I was hoping for double trade-down.
it’s what I do, man! I wish for trade downs.


You can have all the outside pass rushers you want, if there philosophy is not to push the pocket from the inside. Your pissing in the wind.

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I don’t normally talk trade down but we are so talent deficient that regardless of who we pick @ 1oa their impact won’t be felt immediately. Especially when the opposite de can get no pressure. We need to make a move that breaks the norm and without a sure fire qb atop the board why not fill as many necessary holes as possible

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Just say no to Tibby Dough

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A DE will do nothing to help this train wreck. The O is god awful and DC sucks big time. Trade the 1st pick for a boat load.

It’s becoming so obvious what the Lions need to do at the top of the '22 draft - General Lions Talk - The Den (

As of now there is no sure fire, can’t miss, number 1 pick worth a boatload. I agree, like the thought. As of now, don’t see anything but a trade down a couple spots to still stay in line for 1 of the 3 top DEs or the safety from ND. Unless the QB from Liberty I think it is, lights it up and blows people away. Than they better draft him.

So who you taking at #1?