Detroit Tigers

Tarik Skubal threw another bullpen session today in KC. He’ll throw a live BP session later this week, according to Tigers medical report.


The Paredes-Meadows trade is looking worse all the time:


Everything Avila touched turned to shit. Greene has some potential and Tork shows flashes but I’ve never seen a GM get swindled on just about every trade. He’s putting the polish on that Millen turd.

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Tigers are within a game of .500 for first time since they were 2-3. If Twins can’t rally vs. Jays, Detroit will move within a game in AL Central.


I still rate Randy Smith worse than Avila


I think he hired David Chadd…

For years, if not decades, Memorial Day was the day to see what the team had, didn’t have, was made of, etc etc well it’s here.

It has been a fun month to watch baseball in Detroit, granted the schedule got easier, ie, they played their own division for a lot of it. Yet, you see signs of what the new front office wants:

In May, the Tigers rank sixth in the majors with a 10% walk rate and fourth with a 19.9% strikeout rate. They’re not chasing pitches outside of the strike zone, and they’re putting hittable pitches in play.

Speaking of strikeouts that last K by Torkelson was ball four.

Skubal and Manning getting close to coming back and it will be curious to see where they are at the end of June and what does this front office do. Do they trade ER?

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Alright I REALLY don’t want to fall for this crap again, but the fact that it’s almost June and they’re a game out of both .500 and the AL Central is definite improvement over where they were the last two years.

I’ve basically just completely ignored baseball this year, but all of my best friends are big into it and they keep telling me that we’re actually not bad now. So for those of you that actually watch this team, is this legit or is it smoke and mirrors?

Should I start watching them again or should I continue my baseball absence?

And for the record, I am completely convinced that the reason they’re doing good is because I’m not watching.


Look at these pics of a former Tigers wife while you decide.

Look: Kate Upton’s Debut SI Swimsuit Shoot in the Philippines (

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Do we want 77 wins and a moral victory? If so, keep ERod. This team’s lineup is Turrible. The staff is bailing wire and spitwads. Is it working for 30 games? Sure looks like it!

Is this team anything at all like Baltimore, Seattle or even Arizona, building quickly on waves of young talent performing?

Hell GIF by Steve Harvey TV

I dont want a shitty Avila/Randy Smith deal for ERod. He is a 3 month rental, so there will not be a windfall for him, but his track records is SUS.

Trade for a near to MLB blocked guy like J H-M. Cardinals corner IF and OF are so blocked up they need Miralax.Orioles have more OF than they can play too.

Greene is coming along, but the rest of our outfield is AAAA.

Saw Jace Jung this week in person. He is a little dude. Campos looks the part, thpugh hasnt turned it into results yet, and is still 19! but he is 2.5 years away at best. Pacheco looks fringey.

The Farm looks like a 1933 Soviet Collectiv…trade ERod, trade anything with value that isnt aimed at 2025.

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Like trying to pick between shit and a turd.


First, I expect them to win nothing this year to be clear.
I think the lineup needs more pieces but I like what they’ve done with Greene and you can see it with Tork as well, although he is a step behind Greene if not three.

I want to see what Skubal, Manning and Mize can do, are they long term starters or bullpen pieces? I think one of them ends up in the pen.

So, to answer your question a lot of fools gold but you can see what they are trying to do with these young guys. But, I love baseball and the the package now includes minor league games so you can watch A-AAA which has been fun.

Some young bats in AAA/AA that are intriguing as well which may be legit pieces. Thinking of Keith and Malloy as being the closest to ready. A few SP are also intriguing but also very iffy.

Campos is intriguing but @Weaselpuppy nailed it, he is down the road. No idea on Pacheco haven’t seen a lot of him. Meadows and Jung are intriguing but also a couple of years away in my mind anyways.

Bought this on impulse, has to be a Tiger fan at Tripping Animals Brewing, which, btw, is a fantastic Miami brewery(Doral area).


LMAO….even still, Randy Smith was the worst. I mean the dumb look he had on his face in every interview….I was convinced he was paid to ruin this team by the mob

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Only 5.5 percent. That’s like water for you.

Lets be fair, appropriate ABV for how Miggy is currently playing possibly even too high.

10 years ago the Miggy beer would be at 14%abv.

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So, Tigers lose R Greene and Rodrigo on the same day and sounds like Rodrigo could be out for a bit. Of course, best trade chip they have is now on the shelf, Shit, Same Hitless Inept Tigers, strikes again.

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It’s very frustrating that the Tigers get to a game or two under .500 and can’t put together a winning streak. The seem to only win more than two in a row when they are 5 games or more under .500

It would have been too early to shop ERod in most cases, but thats just a huge kick to the nards. Injury, rehab, rehab starts, then a couple 3 MLB starts to show he is back up to speed.

Best hope now is that a couple contenders lose starters while ERod is rehabbing and the market gets hot.

They signed him thinking this kind of performance could be coming but then gave the out clause so They Set This Up to trade him early if they werent hitting their window.


But hey, Im sure Zach McKinstry is for real…

Although! Baddoo hitting at a OPS+ now equal to his rookie breakout(meaning he has hit like a demon to pull his overall up to that) is one thing, but 11 Defensive Runs Saved in LF inthis amount of playing time is ridiculous. He and Greene are gobbling up hits and turning then into outs!

Now, to go get a RH elite power bat for RF and get JHM up here to play 3rd. Im inclined to give Schoop another month for the cold weather bad start thing to get rear view mirrored…but Im not optimistic.

Maton and Wolfie…ugh. Miggy, ugh. Carpenter full time DH on his return. They can dress up Miggys corpse once a week on getaway day, otherwise, pinch hit and collect lovely parting gifts

That staff though…HayZeus Chreeestoos it needs some HoeDeeAyyy Doughminoos Resurrexit.

Riley Greene on IL. Stress fracture left fibula. Going to be out a while. Reese Olson here. He will join rotation in Chicago