If Goff is your guy, when do you extend him?

Exactly. It isn’t hating on Goff because someone’s opinion of building the best team possible doesn’t include an early extension.

I don’t see how extending Goff now isn’t anything but a mistake. He isn’t going to be some super bargain. He isn’t going to outplay a 40m per year contract. He is basically under contract for 4 more years! Until he wants an extension, why give it to him? There just bad business in a league that has proven time and time again big money for QBs is a bad idea.

We are lucky to have Jared Goff in his current situation. Let the next two drafts play out and see what happens. Maybe we do nothing of significance in either one and then extend him. But if we extend him now, and Holmes sees a QB prospect he really likes slipping in the draft, then what? Don’t pull the trigger because you decided to give Goff an extension before it was necessary? Keep your options open until you no longer have any.

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Geno Smith needs at least 3-4 more seasons to be compared to Goff. Comparing Goff to Geno after 1 season deserves to be laughed at.

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It is a very bad example I give you that. Not even in the same ballpark.

But he’s using outlandish takes to prove his point. Just like the other side is doing too just to insult. I saw a little later in the thread someone suggest with his logic that if Mahomes came to Detroit, he’s suggesting not handing him an extension until he proves himself here first.

Come on that’s ridiculous. It’s argument that’s gone sideways due to insults being thrown around.

I get it, it’s fun to tease people on a message board. Like come on really, that’s your opinion…but sometimes it’s just like ok why???

I’m just tired of the exact same conversations about Jared Goff aren’t you?

I mean why do people have such a problem with someone else’s take that they have to be insulted?

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You are 100% correct. The constant, non-stop Goff debate is going to drive me over the edge before FA, and long before the draft.
It’s break time for the old guy.
You guys have fun.

I don’t want to extend a guy for $40M+ a year until he has multiple seasons where he plays at that level for my team since I’m the one that’s going to extend him.

Paying out that money when the guy really isn’t worth it cripples your franchise for the entire duration of the contract. Just look at the Cardinals with Kyler’s contract. I don’t want that to be us.

And again, Russell Wilson played better in Seattle than Goff did in LA and he got a huge extension from his new team without proving he could do it there and look how that’s turning out.


San Fran has had 3 winning seasons with Shanahan as HC…
and they had a top 7 offense (4th, 5th, 7th) in those years.

In 2020… when Jimmy G. missed 10 games…
the defense was ranked 5th in the NFL…
and they went 6-10 that year… with a 15th ranked offense.

It comes down to the kind of human that you are. I fully agree that the Goff conversations are tiresome. However, I find it an interesting look into people in general. The willingness to stick with the same stance yet reinvent the reasoning to fit the initial stance is amusing.

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And are you of the belief you don’t do this?


Russ is 6 years older than Goff…. and needs athleticism to continue his MO.

Russ looking washed at 34yo… when his game was largely built on his mobility…. doesn’t really have much of an impact on how I view Goff. In fact… I view Goff as an ascending QB… while Russ seems more likely to be on the decline.


Simply put, I think he proved this year that we should ride with him and not go chasing waterfalls. But the “when” is about what will give us the most cap space for next season. If the deal he’s willing to sign now frees cap space and pushes salary and bonus out to later years as the cap rises, while he gets the bonus money now, then IMHO that is the way to go. We should be buyers in FA finishing 8-2 with very little from Jamo who will be a force next season. If however he wants a substantial raise and long term security, and that is going to reduce our cap room for next season, then I could see waiting, because there is always the franchise tag option after next season.

He loves it here. Make no mistake about that. We pulled him out of a crap situation and showed him nothing but love and commitment. We gave him the best oline he’s ever had. Decent weapons. Decent rushing attack. An offense where he went from “you do what I say because I’m a genius,” to “lets sit down together and figure out what you like to do best and we’ll incorporated it.” I don’t mind giving him a raise, but it also should give us cap relief in the early years of the deal. I sure am not going to give him insano money like Rodgers and Wilson at 50M per. Maybe the 40 per range, if the deal gives us early relief.

I think we are building a team like the 49ers where a game manager type can succeed if he wants 50M to resign. Weapons that can take easy throws for big gains. Especially as Jamo comes into the situation. An oline that can create solid protection. A running game that can be better next year. But I don’t think it will come to that with Goff. Either way, we need to be having the conversation now, because if he’s needing 50 per, then Will Levis come on down.

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I agree with everything you said, but sorry @3rdRGR , you opened the door and walked directly into this one. “The Other Guys” style.

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This ^^^^^. How about four years @ 170 with 120 gauranteed??

I’ve come to accept that we will have at least another four years with a passing QB who can’t extend plays, rather than the ‘more exciting’ option. If Goff shows the accuracy and lack of turnovers and avoids sacks like he did in the second half of the season, then just be happy he’s not doing bone-headed things and can pick apart a defense in his own “non-exciting” way. Roll with what you have. Someone said it well in another post - he’s a very reliable mail-depositer. Think of him as a mailman who just reliably delivers the ball to his targets, day-in, day-out. There are worse things. Its what we got fellas, and lets just get on with it. He’s not my favorite player, but I respect his game alot. Maybe if he does it again, I’ll feel differently.
Not to say we shouldn’t draft someone in the second or third round like Tanner McKee.

Having said all that, I can totally see @HSVLion 's view. It all depends on the contract he’s willing to sign.

Words of wisdom from @DeadStroke : THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWER. But I bet our staff extends him sooner rather than later, that’s sort of their MO… lock up the cornerstones. Which means we better draft a backup.

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Did I say I didn’t do it?

Goff has already played well in Detroit so the Russ situation is a moot point.

That’s exactly what Peyton and Brady are. So I’m cool with that.


Goff played well this season, but the need for a quick extension to me doesn’t make a lot of sense, unless they feel the price will rise in the future. Why not get another year of solid play before making this decision. Besides, a lot can happen between now and this future date, such as a major injury, God forbid, or something else unexpected happens. It doesn’t hurt to play the waiting game in this case.

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You could end up having a Indy-like problem at QB. I have no problem extending Goff…the only thing that concerns me is paying him 40+ million a year

In less than 1 year… 14 QBs not named Goff may be making >$40 million AAV.

any starting QB making less than $40 million AAV in future years is either on a rookie deal…. or resembles Jimmy G, Winston, Mayfield, Matt Ryan, etc.

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Look at this list and tell me that more than 2-3 players are worth the money they are making. Look at this list and tell how many teams regret the deal they made. Paying market value for a QB more times than not has a negative impact on their team. And it doesn’t work out more times than not. That is my only concern with paying Goff. And it’s not minor, it’s major.

Now you can flip that and say not paying him and rolling the dice with someone else (a rookie, or another cheaper vet) also doesn’t work out most times (maybe even more frequently). But it’s easier to correct the mistake of a signing a cheap vet or turning over the job to a rookie contract player (who got to sit, watch, and learn the position behind an excellent staff and professional QB).

There are pros and cons to both sides of this argument. Pay Goff and you might regret it. Let him walk and you might regret it. Those who think it’s a slam dunk no brainer to sign him could end up right in the end. Those on the other side of the coin could also be right. Only time will tell.

One thing is for certain…both strategies absolutely make sense. And if you can’t see the opposing view as valid, then really what’s the point in debating it? Is it so important that you are proven right? I would rather be wrong and it result in a Lions SB victory than be right and say I told you so :man_shrugging:t2:

That list is disgusting for the record lol

I understand your argument….

but Tom Brady skews the stats on that one just as much as he messes up the salary debate.

All time great players like Peyton Manning win 2 Super Bowls…
but thst doesn’t mean keeping a good QB is abad idea even if he hasn’t won the Super Bowl (that he could have possibly won if Cooks hangs on to a contested catch).

And if he did win that SB, he would’ve won it on his rookie contract…

I get it, 75% of the starting QBs in the league are worse. It’s not an easy argument to say move on.

On topic I am fine extending him and would probably do it next year heading into his final year assuming his play is roughly the same or better.

I think this is a very underrated statement. It’s so true. I know we don’t tend to use splash terms around here for Goff, but at the end of the day - if you give him three-to-five seconds clean in the pocket - he is deadly. In my opinion a straight assassin. Pick you apart all day.

Fortunately for the Lions, they have the O’line to provide this. As I said before, right guy on the right team at the right time.