IMPORTANT—The Den Draft Party: Headcount Needed

Working on finding plane tickets out there so currently stand as a maybe. I’ll know more closer to the end of this month

OK, I could possibly make it from Thursday to Sunday if there are people who want to go the VRBO route. I will be driving in so you won’t need to get a car just share expenses.

Awesome find, man. put 3 guys in there - massive savings

So I’m just trying to get a hard number because it says they don’t include tax. Well, I’m in Mexico and just tried to call their 888 number and I screwed something up and it didn’t go through. If anyone wants to go and can get that info I would appreciate it.

i would love to but I booked a vacation so I will be in Vegas at the time

I’ll DM you, I’m aware of a couple rental houses/airbnb type set ups.

Usually 15-30 mins from city. Might be a better set up for some of you?

I’ve done this quite a few times when traveling… pretty sick actually.

I’ll get back to you let me check details


I’m pretty sure if I try to leave the state I’ll violate the terms of my parole. So I probably can’t make it.

Yeah maybe don’t do that.

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I’ll be there Thursday and Friday with a couple friends. Going to Tigers game Friday afternoon as well.
Would love to meet you folks in person!


Those are just guidelines, you’re good.



I am going to the draft 100% for sure barring something crazy happens.

I have a small group of people who want to attend with me.

So I reached out to a contact of mine trying to see if I can get a group in close to the stage. I inquired for both a small group and a large group.

Needless to say I’m working on it but it might take some time.

Regardless what the outcome is I’d love to be a large group of Lions fans.


I’ve heard each team only gets about 25 or so fans that get “in” by the stage, and those almost always go to the longtime superfans. The vast majority have to watch from outside the actual draft area.

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We’re good!

I’m superfat…close enough?

Superfat or superfreak!?

sing music video GIF


Yep it’s a lot of the same “superfans” you will see at these events. I think they are paid by the team or at least given priority, you will see Crackman, Lions Eyes, BigWillie and a bunch of the others that dress up in costumes. They all tailgate together at Eastern Market. They are good people, just wished the Lions spread the wealth to other fans.


I have a lot a thoughts about this and always have…

I don’t believe what @jcook2 is selling…

Quite easy to beat the door down…

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You must have one hell of a comfortable couch. Lol

I’d love to go. It would be a blast to put some faces to names. Unfortunately we’ll still be in season for another month. Nobody gets time off until summer. Welcome to the thunder dome!