Lions - Chiefs Tailgate: Who's going?

A friend of mine worked the Taylor Swift concert in Phoenix. He said the majority of the crowd was female. The only guys were with their daughters. Lots of eye candy.


Not many guys want to listen to songs about all her breakups.

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She sings?

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It’s an actual thing apparently, per gmfb.

Nobody should be surprised by her drawing power. It’s a serious level of fandom. Girl at work who loves her couldn’t wait for those Ford Field tickets to go on sale.

Ending up getting two that are BEHIND the stage. She’s not even sure with the setup if she’ll even be able to see her. Dropped the money anyway. Wouldn’t even tell me how much her sister spent, who will apparently be ground floor watching her from the front.

Swifties are a legit thing.

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Going to see Willie tonight, I’ve seen him with Dylan before but the wife never has.

Should we all show up in Taylor Swift shirts?

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Me and the wife are going just got our tickets tonight.
Two of my favourite teams going at each other. Always Love KC when I was a kid but living across the creek from Detroit I like the Lions and easy access to go to games. I can not wait….


I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I have a scheduling conflict, hotel and flights already booked to go to Georgia that week on Business. I’m trying to find a way to make it all work. It might be more of a short term decision.

If I can pull it off I will be going.

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Well, if you are in GA and NOT KC let me know, will find a spot to watch.
Provided I’m not in FL

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You just make sure she remembers you are the Godfather. :wink:

Hilarious story, man. Surprise her with something early, brother.

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So, my brother is officially out, and I’m still without a ticket. Wife has approved. I’m on the hunt for one so if you have one, let me know your section/row/seat and I’ll try to nab something nearby. If you are going stag like me (some of you messaged me), give me a holler so we can nab tickets together.


Only one of the greatest songs of all time:

Haha so much better than her actual music!


I lied, she sold 2 for $3,400 and they are behind the stage in Denver.

You should be able to sleep with her at that price!


Bro, I would charger her more than that if we slept together. You keep getting it backwards. Bald guy privileges.


This is a bad take.

You can not like the genre but I’m here to stan her quality. Her shit is next level good.

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I’m honestly not sure if you are serious or not. No judgement from me if you’re serious, I like all kinds of different music, her music just aint for me.

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