Now that the combine is over--What is your prediction for the #2 pick?

Now that the dog and pony show is done, who do you predict the Lions take?

I think with his performance at the combine, Hutchinson is all but guaranteed to be the pick if he gets by Jacksonville.

If he is gone and the Lions stay at #2, I think they take Travon Walker or pull a shocker and take Evan Neal.


Still Hutchinson and Ekwonu for me. Same as pre-combine. The combine has shifted some of my rankings though, as it always does. Like we definitely need to consider drafting one of these fast corners. Hot damn there are a lot of them. I don’t know who the Lions will take, I will say Hutch if he’s there, if he’s not then I will just say they won’t draft a QB at 2 because none of them are worth it.

Hutch. I’d say Jacksonville has every reason in the world to take Neal over Hutch, leaving him there for us. Hutch’s 10-yard split and the other workout numbers show his athleticism is top-notch. If Quinn were picking, I’d all but guarantee you they’d be taking Walker, but I don’t think Holmes will be that hung up on the length that Hutch gives up. (Still, a 78" wingspan vs 84" is massive.) I’m inclined to say the Lions board would have Hutch and Walker 1 and 2, too. The surprise pick might be Willis.

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I think the Jags take Ekwonu.

Hutch if he is there (which I think he is). His combine proved he is not just all motor.
If for some reason Jags ignore OL and take him then I say Hamilton at #2, he is going to be a game changer.


One of Hutch / Tibs / Walker
If Hutch is there, he’s the pick
If not, Tibs — if they don’t take him he falls out of top 5
Walker if they don’t like Tibs

I think they’re all in on a DE

Now that the combine is over, I say say with 100% confidence that Kyle Hamilton will not be the pick.

I am still predicting Hutch.


Hamilton’s 40 time is going to hurt him a bit.

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The 40 time doesn’t mean squat shit for a safety playing like him. He had elite Shuttle times and 3 cone drill numbers. Vertical jump was outstanding. His game speed, anticipation and play reading ability more than make up for the .14 seconds (4.45 vs 4.59) in the 40

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Maybe I’m in the wrong thread. I could have swore this one was about predicting who we are going to pick.

BLPA, for sure. How many times hav eyou heard Campbell and Holmes say, “He’s a good looking player?”


Its I think Hutch or Walker RAS says he compares Miles Garrett an Ezekiel Ansah so Walker is based on that very good DE/rusher

Trade down

In that order

Is he going to develop into a game changer?

Just wondering… because in college… he created only 8 TOs… 2 of which were late in blowout wins on desparation throws… and 3 others were INTs caught after his teammates made a play and tipped the pass.

Perhaps he may have created more TOs… if he ran a 4.45…

Cameron Dicker - Texas

No you are in the right thread, my response to the OP was Hutch unless for some reason Jags take him, then I would go Hamilton.

You do realize he is a STRONG safety, correct?

Wait a minute…

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The thread isn’t about who you would take. Its about predicting who the Lions will take.

If the Lions take a freaking offensive tackle at 2, I’m going to die a lot inside, unless there’s a Decker trade in place for a high 1st rounder (not bloody likely).

I have to say, I have no read on who the Lions will take at 2. I don’t get the sense that they are too enamored with Hutchinson so I would say he’s far from a guarantee to be taken at 2, assuming that the Jags don’t take him. They do seem pretty enamored with Willis so while I don’t see them taking him at 2, I wouldn’t be shocked if they look for a trade down and take him a little lower assuming that the team trading up isn’t targeting Willis.

I don’t know, this draft seems WIDE open. I don’t think there’s any player worthy of being taken #2, I don’t think any prospect in this draft would be considered top 5 in most other drafts (sucks for the Lions but it is what it is) so I feel that there’s tons of guys that can be in consideration for the pick.

I don’t know what the Lions will do but I’m tempted to take a swing for the fences with Jordan Davis. A guy that size who can run like that with enormous strength could be a complete game changer for a defense moreso than an edge rusher just by his mere presence alone drawing double teams, creating space for others and a highly uncomfortable day for the QB. Inside pass rush is what REALLY makes QBs uncomfortable. If Davis becomes a pass disruptor/pocket collapser in addition to being a brick wall against the run, that’s a big time addition to a defense.