Now We Know Why Dan Campbell Hasn’t Been A Coordinator

Watching him calling the plays on offense is atrocious. No wonder he was never even interviewed by anyone else to call their plays.

Anthony Lynn can’t wait to get fired at this point and get the hell outta Detroit.

Also, it’s interesting that Dan isn’t giving the play calling duties to Duce Staley.


Bring in Boyle’s high school playcaller. He’s literally the last guy that made Boyle look like he didn’t suck.


It’s because it finds it “enjoyable.”

That’s a real quote.

That’s the team we root for. He’s literally calling plays for a professional football team because it’s a hobby of his.

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Swift has had the 2 best games of his career since Campbell started calling the plays. The passing game is terrible from the QB’s to the WR’s. But, the running game gives me a tiny bit of hope for the future. Tiny bit.


It’s a hobby of mine too.

Do I get to be offensive coordinator now???

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I’ve been saying it for the last 20+ years, I truly beleive most Lions fans could GM, coach, and/or call better games than whoever it is the org hired to do those jobs…and I stand by it more than ever…the proof is in the poop.


Season 9 Episode 22 GIF by Friends


Insider information…
NO “play caller” would be successful with this offense. Our version of a deep ball is 5 yards or more. Truly one of the worst NFL offenses in the history of the league





Summarizes being a Lions fan well, it’s a slow painful experience and when the tree finally grows tall enough, the branch will snap off, lol.

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The analytics didn’t support his coaching decisions today. Kicking that FG on 4th and 1 decreased the Lions chances of winning. As we saw. Earlier in the year some of his aggressive decisions were supported by analytics so I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt early on - but it’s becoming increasingly clear the lions coaching philosophy is just based on the whim of a meathead. That’s it. That’s their plan.

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What’s interesting is this seems to be the overwhelming mantra for the pro-Campbell crowd. It’s like “I know we’re poorly coached but we need more talent!” Ok, then we’ll be a poorly coached team with more talent? That’s our best hope?

a little edit there… to be more specific. :wink::wink::wink:

Analytics are only useful when put into context. Anyone who blindly follows analytics proves they have no business calling the shots.

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I am pro Campbell. I also feel any team QB’d by Goff/Boyle, with WRs (whoever we roll out that week), and 3rd string center…yeah…

Yes - and Dan was never meant to be the play caller. There are obvious problems with the OC who will be fired, next offseason. Dan will not be the OC, nor was it ever his intent. OF COURSE he’s not a good OC, he’s merely better than the dude we’re firing in the offseason.

Look for massive improvement with a new OC and improved talent.

Just sayin’b


Hired by Dan Campbell btw

I was told multiple times this offseason that this coaching staff was good for 4-5 extra wins over the last one. My point is I find the unfounded optimism to be baffling. Look at Campbell’s first attempt to hire an OC. But now he’ll magically be great at it.

Swift has already ran for more yards than all of last year…