Offense puts butts in the seats but Defense win championships. Agree or disagree?

Offense puts butts in the seats but Defense wins championships. Agree or disagree?


An exciting offense can attract a crowd when the team has been bad for awhile, but I am not sure any championship team has been short on fans, defensively dominant or otherwise.

My own views are similar to Parcells. Control the clock with your offense and use the defense to get the ball back. Elegant in its simplicity, yet time tested and true.


Great offences are good to watch, but I don’t think anything beats the drama of your defence stopping an opponent scoring when they are first and goal needing a touchdown to win and the big guys putting it all on the line to make the stop.

Defences win championships

Punters win championships


a good defense is lethal af

This is becoming true again. It wasn’t true from say 2019-2022…mostly in college.

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If this were true Lions would have been Super Bowl champs for years!


Complementary football wins championships.


I’m on the opposite side:
A good offense is the best defense.

While I love nasty punch-your-mouth teams with a good defense, the rules have prevented these teams from winning championships. Its more like: keep the other offense off the field and who has the ball last?


There’s no arguing against that.


3 of the past 5 Super Bowl champs finahed outside the top 10 in team defense.

All 5 of them finished in the top 10 for offense.



Have finished top 5 in scoring defense in 5 of the 6 years Lamar has been in the NFL.

Ravens are 2-5 in playoffs in past 6 years.


Have finshed top 5 in scoring offense 4 of past 6 years… and were #6 in another year. So… top 6 in 5 of past 6 years.

Chiefs have gone 14-3 in the playoffs with 3 rings.


Much is made about Mahomes, but KC’s ascension correlates with the arrival of Reid, one of the league’s premier offensive minds. They’re pretty good defensively, too, though.

A great defensive team with no offense loses 9-0, and it’s generally a painful watch.

Butts in seats and gear on our backs is the real point of the nfl, anyway.

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Tell that to 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Ohio State.

Or 2015-2021 Oklahoma.

Bald people probably have a word to say about that.

In today’s NFL with the rules the way they are, I think this is no longer true. Offense is the key to consistent winning.

However, defensive spike performances in the playoffs often result in championship runs.

So I would say building an elite offense is the way to ensure you stay good every year, but having a defense capable of carrying a team for a few games is important too.

However I don’t think it can be counted on, you just never know when it’s gonna show up. The very same Chiefs D that everyone’s lauding for their run this year (with the same coordinator) gave up 35 points in the Super Bowl last year. It’s less sticky year over year.

Don’t let facts get in the way of a good truism.

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Having the power to chew up the last four minutes of the game, while the other teams offense stands helpless on the sideline, that’s dominant.

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Yep, that’s the good shit.

If our offense does not turn the ball over we probably go 16 and 1 with a super bowl win. Our offense was good and our pass defense was terrible. The Jets had a great defense and it didn’t get them very far. The game has changed.

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2019 Chiefs gave up 25 points per game in the playoffs en route to their 1st Super Bowl win…. and 363 yards per game.

The Chiefs score 39 points per game.