***Official Draft Contest Discussion thread***

Each year we host an official draft contest. This thread is for discussion of that contest. Once that thread is posted (Week of the Draft) you will need to get your picks posted in that thread discussion. Your entries will lock 24 hours before the draft. So you have to have your entry in by then.

This thread is for questions, suggestions and general talk about the contest. Once the contest thread is started no discussion will be allowed in that thread. So please only post your entry there and keep discussion here. That keeps that thread clear of the junk.

Last year the Lions had 9 picks. This year they have 7. So you will only get 7 guesses.

Here are the Lions current picks.

  • Round 1, Pick 29
  • Round 2, Pick 61
  • Round 3, Pick 73 (from MIN)
  • Round 5, Pick 164
  • Round 6, Pick 201 (from TB)
  • Round 6, Pick 205
  • Round 7, Pick 249

Here’s a link to last years contest.

Let the questions and discussion begin.


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Brad moves around the board so damn much it makes these things very tricky. Are we allowed to guess at trades? Can’t remember. Probably a bad strategy overall, but also the only way any of us will nail it. It’s like the kid who knows nothing about college basketball winning the NCAA tourney pool. If you don’t predict some wild shit, you’ve got no chance of getting it right.


I love that the Lions are still getting paid for dealing Hock after the way LaPorta showed out as a rookie. I hope that pick (73) turns out to be a division-slaying stud.


Wow did I dominate this contest last year :wink:

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Yes …. The rules are in the link to last years contest.

But you can still only make 7 picks. (9 last year) This stops people from trading down multiple times to accumulate picks and guesses.

So let’s assume you predict the Lions will trade down from 29 to 34. Just make your pick at 34. But you still only get 7 guesses on who we pick in what spot.

You don’t have to specify the details of the trade. Just draft spot 34 OA, the player, and his position.

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After getting Sewell & Hutch (I didn’t think we could get), Jamo (Love, but didn’t see coming, or as a possibility), Gibby (My biggest draft crush)…I’m pretty much just in love with Holmes to the point where I have barely paid attention this year.

Stir in our day 2 and late round guys… Pffffft! I’m already happy. Wait’ll Bro-Mart starts looking like post trigger Banner!


In that case, I’ll just drop my stone cold lock pick at #249… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Chances are really low. Its one thing to predict a trade down, another to guess the exact spot. I think there should be some kind of bonus for predicting a trade down and it actually happening near where you guess. Say three spots leeway either way.

Example: say you’re feeling Brad is going to trade down out of round one (which I am feeling). Say you think early second - for arguments sake - pick 39. Say I guess Zack Frazier at pick 39. And in reality, Brad gets McConkey at pick 38. Iit seems that the 38OA is so hard to predict and the trade back to pick 39 scored 0. Seems that if you nail the trade down very close to where it happened, some kind of bonus could be given. Say 2 points for nailing it, but one point if you’re within three picks either way. That way, it might be more likely that people would actually predict a trade down (or trade up).

Just a random thought from someone who predicted a trade down to 11 last year (LOL).

You get more points for correctly guessing the draft spot.

For example if you predict a trade down from 29-34.

Let’s say you predict they draft JJ McCarthy and in fact they do.

5 players also predicted they would draft JJ.
1@29 correct player wrong spot
1@35 correct player wrong spot
1@34 - Would score the most points - 3 more.
1@30 correct player wrong spot
1@31 correct player wrong spot

4 players would all score the same while the player who guessed the correct trade partner would score 3 more additional points.

There’s no bonus unless you correctly identify the trade. Otherwise all you did was get the player correct like everyone else did.

right. i understand the rules.

I was suggesting a change, because Brad trades alot but its really hard to predict an exact spot.

but either way, its no big deal.

I just think alot of people won’t predict a trade even if they think one will happen. Because you need to nail the exact spot. The round bonus helps a little though.

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For clarity, what I was suggesing:

With a revision that if you guess within three spots you get a small bonus, but a larger bonus if you get the exact spot… it would look like this:

@29 - correct player wrong spot. 0 bonus
@35 - correct player wrong spot, but since 35 is so close to 34, 1 pt extra for predicting the TD
@34 - three points extra
@30 - correct player wrong spot, 0 bonus
@31 - 31 is within three spots of 34 - 1 point extra.

Has anyone ever predicted the trade & player

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So for instance I predicted the trade down to Zona pick 12

But I put Devon Witherspoon DB

So how many points do I get? For exact trade wrong player

I don’t get it

I think you got 1 point.
You could make it higher than 1, because that’s really hard to predict … the exact trade down spot.

Was wondering how many would catch the reference…Yeeeeeeaaaahhhh!!!

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Vikings will get it…like this!

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Last year @Sofatso predicted we draft Bromart… that is some high level mock stuff.

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