*** Official Lions at Patriots Game Day thread ***

In terms of run defense, the Patriots have been downright awful. They’re allowing 5.1 yards per carry (30th) and tied for last in run defense success rate.

So this week, we have the No. 1 rushing offense by DVOA (Patriots) against the No. 32 run defense (Lions) and the No. 4 rushing offense (Lions) going against the No. 31 run defense (Patriots).

Get ready for a lot of ground and pound. At least, that’s what Lions safety DeShon Elliott is expecting:

“Shoot, (I) know what Bill (Belichick) gonna do. Bill gonna run that ball down your throat, bruh,” Elliott said.

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We have to tackle. Neither Damien nor Rhamondre don’t go to the ground easily.

I swear if i see cover 0 blitzes against this team im gonna fucking lose it lol

This is not the team to play that shitty scheme against


Tavai is going to have the game of his life with 9 TFLs, three FFs and an Int

Then he and Patricia are going to make out at mid field after the victory


I am not looking forward to watching our defense at all. They might get 500 rushing yards.

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Justin Rogers


Belichick also said Chris Board might be the best special teams player the Patriots see all season.

Justin Rogers


Watched Belichick’s Wednesday press conference. Not surprisingly complimentary of the upcoming opponent, but affinity for Detroit’s special teams felt genuine. Called Jack Fox one of the best punters in the league and “a weapon,” referencing his throwing ability on top of the leg


I’m hoping our changed up defensive scheme will confuse the Patriots and their third string quarterback for a bit. If they are planning on seeing the defense from the past few weeks they may be in for a eye-opening surprise.

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You only need to go back to last years Bills game to know how Belichick treats top tier offenses.
He keeps them off of the field. Gasses their defense, and rolls them.
I’ll be shocked if the rookie attempts more than 15 passes.


I’m really thinking about going fishing like @LineBusy suggested. I don’t see this going well at all.


If I find out you’ve gone fishing instead of watching the Lions, I’m going to ask Nate to give you a seven day ban. That should fix you up good and proper and get your priorities straight.

Myself, I’ve got a 5 Hour drive back from Muskegon starting at 10 o’clock Sunday morning. I’m going to have to hotspot my phone so I can watch it on the iPad while the wife takes some of the driving duties. That’s how you Lion-fan.


Haha I’ll be sure to post some pics for you!!

fishing GIF


Show this to Fox for “bulletin board” material. This Bill makes ZERO mention of his handsomeness…and that will…Piss…Fox…OFF!
Get ready for fireworks, men.

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expect the lions to fold up like a tent and lose.

  • A coaching staff that hasn’t won a game on the road playing in Foxborough against Bill Belichick of all people.
  • Half the offense injured.
  • Worst defense in the league.
  • Perhaps most importantly, a rookie QB playing against the Detroit Lions.

That does not look hopeful at all. I do not think this team is SOL, but I do think the above screams of an old school SOL recipe for disaster.

Which is exactly why they need to do the opposite. Run, run, run, run, see a pass throw it, run, run. Eat, eat, eat, eat clock. I know they can’t NOT play defense, but I feel like it would go a long way towards a chance of winning if they could just destroy the TOP to the point where after the game the defense feels like they just had a light workout.


Depends on if they get overly smart trying to prepare for the greatest coach in NFL history.
The Lions defense just needs to play sound fundamental football.
Doesn’t matter what the Pat’s defense does. We’re going to score points.
It’s about keeping Fatty’s boys off the field.

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Thank God it’s hunting season and fall Walleye fishing time here in Michigan again because there is no way I’m watching this game have a feeling it’s going to be a coaching clinic by Bill.


I think it’ll be a quick game because both offenses are going to have the same strategy.

Us running is playing into Belichick’s hand.
Run up the score, and play fundamental defense.
Belichik can get 20 times fancier than us. Let him.
Hang 45 on him and make his rookie beat us. That’s what Bill would do if roles were reversed.


Kind of what I’m thinking too. Try to get an early lead and force them out of their game plan.