Pro Days 2023

Yeah quite possibly, and that would be too high for me personally.

Nigerian American? Move him up the board!

He also does not play like a low 4.6 TE

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Tyler Roberts, WR, Coastal Carolina: 6’3, 191, 34 1/8 inch arm (!), 4.59 40, 7.39 3-cone, 4.43 shuttle, 43 inch vert (!), 10’4 broad.

He was great as a true sophomore at North Carolina Wesleyan but made very little impact once he transferred to Coastal, and I’m not sure why. Certainly had the athleticism and hands for it, and I loved the way he blocked. Won’t be anything more than a UDFA but color me intrigued.

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Karl Brooks on Monday. One of the bigger pro days, given our needs and the fact that he was combine snubbed.

Sean Tucker runs on Monday as well. I wonder if Garrett Williams will run.

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I bet Williams doesn’t run. Too much for him to lose. If he’s gonna run it should be one of those right before the draft scenarios. Get as far away from the injury as possible.

Provided he’s not regularly running 4.3s in practice of course.

Thoughts on this guy @CuriousHusker ?

Wow. I’m pretty shocked by those testing results. I always assumed he was moving inside at the next level. He can definitely move bodies but he’s a bit raw. Developmental type I think. But I always thought he was more like 330 and didn’t have those kind of movement skills. I wonder if he dropped weight for the pro day and whether or not he can sustain that.

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Only 18 bench?

I haven’t really focused on him for a single down. Was he a plodder? If he moved inside would he be more Torrence or Avila, based on the tape? The testing might give him some unforeseen upside but I’m just wondering where you were at before that.

Really long arms gives him a pass. Most of the 34+ inchers don’t bench a ton.


I think the issue with him has always been that he’s a bit unrefined. I think he was always perceived to be a decent mover but it was at 330lbs officially.

Though I’m a big fan of Cristoball as an OL coach I actually think the pipeline dried up a bit after the historic group headlined by Penei. Steven Jones was really hyped up for a bit but he appears to be just a guy.

As for moving inside, prior to those numbers I would have said he profiled more like a Torrence type. But clearly I underrated his movement skills.

He may be worth a second look.


That was my thinking for sure. Should be too difficult to dig up.

Too bad:

I thought Center Alex Forsyth was their best O lineman. I thought it was odd 2 other linemen from Oregon were at the combine and he did not get an invite. I was looking at him as a replacement for Evan Brown. Maybe he’s injured or just not that good?

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I’ve been pretty lukewarm on him throughout the process but I wouldn’t hate him on day 3. I have other guys ahead of him but Forsyth’s generally a pretty steady Eddie save for a few penalties. He’s an average athlete with average strength and below average size, I’m not sure how well he’ll hold up at guard. But he’s smart, technical and experienced, and those guys tend to find their ways onto rosters and then into the lineup. Plus I’ve always liked the idea of drafting centers to play guard for their intelligence.

Thats my take on him as well kind of a crafty technician but a little light in the pants to move people around. I was not impressed with Bass at all and the other guy I did not know he was even draft eligible…

Bass had a terrible year which was disappointing, I came into the year thinking he had a chance to be a mid-round guy at guard. Then he struggled like crazy and I thought he looked really sluggish in the combine drills as well. I don’t care how he tested, I think he’s basically limited to being a guard in a power scheme.

Aumavae-Laulu is the guy I’ll have to go take another look at based on his testing above. A really high caliber athlete for 6’5, 317 with 34.5 inch arms.

funny thing… OL guys weigh the most… and yet…
they typically concern me the LEAST when the bench numbers aren’t great…

Definitely. OL power comes from their booty, quads and hands more than their chest anyway.

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Hips as well. Hips are the maestro of the orchestra of power.