USA TODAY's win projection for the Lions is a harsh reality check

Detroit Lions (3-14): The philosophical overhaul is intriguing – including the expected re-emphasis of the run game – and new GM Brad Holmes has amassed future draft capital that should spark an about face. But the holes on this roster make you wonder if the win total will rival the amount of kneecaps bitten this season – especially with the September calendar serving up the 49ers, Packers and Ravens.

Although I’m pessimistic, I’m not that pessimistic. 5-12 or 6-11 both seem viable.


Its all hot air to get clicks they know less that you me or posters …it gets clicks…its why they play the games …could be 2-15 or could be 10 an 7 we don’t know nor do they


Nate Davis’s gloomy blathering is no more reality check than my gushing assertions. Both are unreality checks–and I’m way overdrawn on that account since January. Reality starts September 12.

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Yea because predictions today take in account for injuries, Covid, or whatever other crazy shit that happens during the season. I mean do you think Cam Akers injury might have changed what this dude is predicting for the Rams this year?

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I’d be a lot less surprised at the Lions finishing 3-14 versus 14-3.

Not sure what the big heartache is with this prediction. We’re seeing many 5 to 6 win predictions right here on this board. That’s not much different than predicting a 3 win season.

Exactly. A reality check was when the Jets knew our plays before the snap in Patricia’s first game as HC. A reality check isn’t some media clickbait chaser’s opinion. didn’t even read the article. LOL.


Looking at the schedule, I see them winning maybe 3, possibly 4 games, but more likely 3. Maybe 2, though. Should get a good draft pick position.

How about this re-write? “Looking at the schedule with Stafford gone and ignoring the massive changes in the front office, coaching staff and players, and synergy since January, I see…”


Why would predicting the Lions to win 3 games be considered “clickbait” ?
Wouldn’t he get more clicks by predicting the Lions to get 12 wins or win the Superbowl?

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I think Vegas has them at 5 wins and that sounds right to me.

Fox - Ring a bell?

Take solace in knowing that the teams projected to draft near the top rarely do. The early projections aren’t very accurate.

I went back 5 years and look at a bunch of early projections. Then looked who they projected to be drafting top 3 overall. Most were wrong a lot.

Have you ever noticed were projected to be top 5 almost every year?

Most of those early projections last year had us drafting 1OA or 2OA. We ended up 8OA.


chances of us being worse than last year are almost zero %, IMO.


Much as I hate to side with literal McNews….3-14 is very likely our record

yeah but is the guy a clairvoyant for thinking Patricia was going to suck?

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hard to say what we will literally do , but if we can’t get 6 wins this season …the future may not be brighter.

6 wins feels like a realistic goal with this roster. I’d probably take the under, but 3 wins would be brutal.


I’ve got 6-8 wins.
You won’t recognize our D, this year. Patricia’s gone.
Offense needs some playmakers on the outside, still. Hope St Brown of Motown can hold down the slot, really nicely. :wink:

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3 wins would likely mean we hired the wrong coach.

How many coaches had a brutal 1st year and still won a SB. A few have but not many. Most won 6 games or more. Very few won less than 5 and ended up being successful coaches who won a SB.

Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcels are the only two recent coaches that I can think of who won less than 5 games as a rookie HC and was able to turn it around. Calling them recent is stretching it too.

Most Successful coaches tend to show us something in their first year and win 6 or more games.