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Blitzing Goff is NOT a new thing in 2022.

Fatty Matty actually started the trend…
in 2018

It is fine to WANT a perfect QB to replace Goff. The problem is that this is NOT the 2020 QB class where Burrow, Tua, Herbert all went in the top 6.

IMO, the best QB in this class would be #4 in that class.

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I don’t disagree.

However, I can think of a grand total of three supposed no-brainer, future HOFers at QB in semi-recent history:

  • Manning
  • Luck
  • Lawrence

The first two panned out, and TLaw seems to be trending in the right direction.

But that’s it. Sure, there are other guys who have panned out, but there was no unanimous thought that Mahomes was going to be great or that Baker Mayfield would be mostly a turd.

To wit, I found the following written in March of 2017 before the draft…

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The quarterback crop isn’t particularly deep this year, although Mitch Trubisky, DeShaun Watson, DeShone Kizer and Patrick Mahomes could hear their names called in the first round of the NFL draft.

None are in the conversation to go No. 1 — like Jared Goff did last year.

Before the draft, consensus has got Trubs, Mahomes, Watson, and Kizer all in a “pick 'em” situation, none of whom were deemed to have enough potential to even be in the conversation for #1.

It drives me bonkers how easy so many people here think it is to just go draft an all-time great QB.


Just because they extend doesn’t mean we win anything meaningful. Must be another one of them moral victorys.

Most of these non-QBs are bigger projections than Bryce Young. Nobody doubts that Bryce Young won a Heisman last year when he had weapons or that he’s carrying a team now that does not have weapons. Yet people want to draft Jalen Carter because he looks the part. Go check his stats and tell me you see a guy who even belongs in the first round.

So let me get this straight we were in the game all the way to the end, it came down to making a throw to a wide open wr witch he missed bad. So now it’s because our Oline wasn’t good enough at the end when it counted , but was good enough to keep us in the game before that play. Interesting theory.

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We used to have a guy like that. Then he won a Super Bowl as soon as he got out of this shithole.:rofl:

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His glory was fleeting though. Back at the bottom after 1 season.

And who are the haters, people have the same opinion as most NFL people, Jared is good enough you don’t have to reach for a QB. Most have gave him credit when he plays well, they just pointing out when he gets rattled witch that’s no secret because almost every article you read talks about the same thing. Jared is a fine QB if everything around him is perfect. He is not one that will step up and win the game for you.


We haven’t convinced each other in two years.
How about we give it a rest.
I have no real problem with anyones opinion. It’s just when that’s all they can speak of, that gets on my nerves.
We all get it! Haters gonna hate.


I guess if the Lions can manage to field a merely bad defense and add one receiving threat to the one they have, they’ll be in luck.

Too much to ask?

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Ummm… pretty sure most every QB is “better against bad teams than good ones.”

Question is: is Jared Goff good enough to win against good teams when you actually, you know, put a good team around him? The record says, duh, yes. 2 pro bowl years and a SB appearance w/the Rams. The record also says that when you put a crappy team around him he can’t beat good teams. Gawd knows the Lions tested that one out. Matt Stafford and his 10 TDs, 8 INT and 87.4 passer rating say HI! JG and his 17/7/93.5 say :man_shrugging:

Here’re the facts: 11 games in, Goff ranks 11th of 32 in the NFL, both in QBR and QB rating. That’s with a very sub-par set of skill players. OTOH, the defense ranks dead-last in points against.

Obvious solution - get the man something like the set of weapons all the QBs he supposedly compares unfavorably to have AND produce a defense that is merely below average, rather than perennially league-worst - and see what happens.


Dude it’s cool just don’t think anyone hates him some just thinks u can do better. We do have different opinions on Goff. But I still like reading your opinions on many things and agree with a lot.


I mean Goff and Allen did the same thing yesterday. Goff made some nice throws to drive the field for a FG against the 5th ranked defense

Allen did the same. In like 20 seconds against the 32nd ranked defense

We also probably win if we don’t shank a chip shot FG or rough Allen on 3rd and 10 which led to a TD. Or drop a TD pass that led to an earlier FG attempt, or a fumble in the red zone…

And if that’s Jamo, or CJ or Marvin Jones instead of Chark we probably connect deep too


Kerby was so close to getting his hands on that ball, shit game of inches… the rook just missed it.


In the last min both QBs had a chance to make a throw that wins the game for there team. Who made the play and who didn’t. Both teams had other factors. But in that last min they both got a shot that was the difference in the lose

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You’re a whole lot more sure of Goff as “THE guy” going forward than I am.

I’m not trashing Goff by any means, he’s been pretty good this season for stretches, but I don’t know how anybody can be so sure that he’s the solution going forward.

Also, no need to be a jerk in your response. It’s a perfectly valid opinion to be unsure of Goff as the guy so no need to be all condescending to those who disagree with your opinion.


My issue with Goff is that I really don’t see him with the ability to throw outside the hashes well. It kills us sometimes. Like yesterday, just a throw or two, but you have to expect your QB to be able to throw what amounts to a 30-40 yard fade down the sideline. Goff has shown he cannot make that throw. He can be killer accurate across the middle though and lets our WRs run. He’s a mixed bag.

I think we’re fooling ourselves if we think the Lions are passing on a highly drafted QB. And I wouldn’t be shocked if they traded to get in position to get him.

One guy I keep talking about is Anthony Richardson. I think he is going to rise up the boards.


I actually blame the safety on the play call. Calling a slow developing deep drop pass play in the end zone with both starting guards out and Oliver already owning your interior o-line was a recipe for disaster. Goff actually saw the pressure and was trying to escape. Oliver just made a good play. Sometimes coaches put players in bad situations. It happens. I like Ben but that safety was on him.


He’s got to throw it away there, IMO. Yes, perhaps a bad play call but he made it worse.

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