Who's the better run stuffing DT?

  • Mazi Smith
  • Siaki Ika
  • OTHER - please specify who

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The man mountain

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For pure run-stuffing, give me 6’4.5, 337 pound Brodric Martin.

He’s got a lot to work on in other parts of his game, but he should step in day one and provide a wall in run support. One of the bigger combine snubs IMO, though he probably won’t test all that well anyway.


I really don’t like either of them 2 much. Ika like some said just keeps getting bigger he will probably eat his way out of the league, and Mazi seems really overrated to me, the problem with these guys for me is you can find guys that can do the same thing later in the draft , like Martin or Clark and Colburn.

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Seems Holmes likes the DTs with the explosive first step with pass rushing upside. Mazi fits this mold beggar than Ika


Works for me if we can’t get Clark. Badly want one of those type of guys.

@CuriousHusker likes Clark as well…
and I like what I have seen so far.




I think Martin’s a little better from a pure run-stuffing prospective. I agree with Lance that Clark’s a little light in the lower half. It hasn’t bothered him much so far, but now and again you see him lose his traction when he tries to anchor. His motor runs so hot though and he’s still a really good run-stuffer (I’d put him above Ika and roughly level with Mazi), so I still have him higher on my board. But the one thing Martin does well he does really well.


I could see that. Clark’s got a pretty solid bull rush and he’s terrific at batting down balls.

Give me Clark or Coburn. I’d pick both those guys because they can push the pocket back as well.

I don’t think Coburn’s nearly as good in the run game as he should be.

If you’re a fat guy, better be explosive. M Smith strikes me as explosive. Some DT’s in college based on scheme are just asked to hold the gap/man in front of them. Hence why some explosive DT’s don’t look explosive until they get to the next level & new scheme let’s them cut it loose

Edit to add: it’s possible that Mazi just doesn’t play as an explosive backfield penetrating player, but also possible he’s doing what he’s taught. I don’t know what they’re teaching at Michigan but food for thought

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I thought Coburn was still good though. What I really liked was Coburn blowing up lines. I noticed a couple games where Coburn was in the backfield more then his teammate who’s supposed to be the penetrator.

Or, failing that, you better come cheap. I think Martin will come cheaper than Clark or Coburn. And a lot cheaper than Mazi or Ika.

Yeah he’s who got me looking at Clark and some of the others when I was talking about Ika.

I don’t know if the Reader/Stewart types count as just “fat guys” but they add a tom IMO. But those guys are able to scrape down the line and make tackles on off tackle plays. I think Clark has the athleticism to do that as well.

I click “other” because I’m not well-versed enough on them to make an honest assessment.


Need a Gravy Jackson wannabee.

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With Clark changing positions and adding weight…
he only has 3 years experience as a NT…
I wonder how much he can still improve?

I understand most are reading up on players this years draft Take few minutes an read about Benito Jones who we claimed last fall.
I am not a fan of PFF but this is what one said about him.
f you don’t believe me, just ask Brett Whitefield, the director of data and research for Fantasy Points and a former analyst at Pro Football Focus.

Per Whitefield who’s watched all of Jones’ reps the past two preseasons,

Jones is not a player without blemish (hence his availability) but he does some things well and solidifies the backup NT spot nicely, giving the Lions some much needed girth."

**Benito Jones Height: 6-1 Age: 25 Weight: 318 lbs
Lance Zierlein (NFL.com): "When the tape is on, it’s impossible not to notice Jones making things tough for SEC offensive linemen
Kyle Crabbs (The Draft Network):"Benito Jones projects as a viable A-gap DT prospect for the NFL level.
I am not saying he is a starter but he is a solid back up NT an many here keep wanting that guy an we may have him. Take some time a check him out.