Will Harris Resigned…

My complaint with Glenn. AP is/was long gone. But I hope you are right.

Yep, I was going to say that I thought he was doing better as a CB than he had shown at Safety. Maybe he’s found his true spot on the team.

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Remember when he had 6 ints in 2021…now nobody wants the guy. He literally wasn’t even trying in run support last year. Dude cost himself so much money.


They were like 1-7 and needed a fall guy too

Something had to give with close loses maybe a wake up call to players to really dial in or be gone like their beloved coach …

Thing is
Just like with Hock at trade deadline

The run the lions went on against the lesser teams feels like it would’ve happened with AP and Hock

It was just stacked to start the season
In a season with a short preseason too

Fans were calling for Dan saying he’s a bad coach. Why would they go for it on 4th ? Why would they throw long on 4th ? Pretty sure there was s significant post on here about the Jets and Carolina being better than lions …
Firing felt a little Keenist leak when timing imo also played a role in the turn around.

Okay. Do you have any factual information or source to support your opinion? Bc yes what you are saying is all plausible. But is it a gut feeling based on what we know about companies and football teams or is it based on something you know about the lions?

This is a hunch IMO as the team looked for answers … but the reality should also include that , if what’s said is true on AP as reason to be fired , unless AP was going rogue on messaging changing during season

  • the team knew who AP was
    And then while the turn around was great
    Think how good lions could’ve been had they recognized AP was a problem and fixed it when they fixed Lynn ?

…, know what I mean ?

The reality includes maybe had they kept AP and the continuity in season and because he’s a good coach , the Lions might’ve beat the Bills ?

We don’t really know what happened … if AP was the reason for the loses.

I think some people do know what happened. A lot of fans don’t know what happened. All I can say is that the rationale is factual and AP was the issue. Ask yourself if what you are suggesting sounds like Servant leadership at all. Or does it sound more dishonest and sleazy and is that what the lions are about. It is not what Dan and Brad are about. The messenger defied their requests all season with a new defense and after weeks of working with him they decided a new messenger was necessary. Authenticity is key with this franchise. Just my 2 cents.


Yeah it’s hard to understand what happened to him, just a completely different player. Im low key hopeful they keep him through TC and he’s able to get back to the player he was. Heading into last yr i had pretty high expectations for him.

He’s a free agent, he’s a goner!

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LOL, don’t know how i missed that, for some reason i thought this was his last yr…oops!

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I’m saying if what you say is true
Then the mistake still falls up the ladder and it was costly in a season the lions narrowly missed the playoffs. Reminiscent of Caldwell sticking with Lombardi being a costly decision.
Caldwell too was a leader servant type too so I agree on that … i like the way they’re leading.
The sleaziness that’s happened feels more like the general sleaziness of the business not specific to the lions.

Also , I thought AP was … problematic for getting caught on camera doing okudah like that. It was … unusual to me , something we don’t typically see happen.

I still think lions win on back half of season but the decision to give as much time , if he was the issue , was costly.

Sticking with? They literally fired the guy.

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They evaluated the job he was doing from the previous year
They kept him all pre-season.
They kept him through the start of the year. They lost crucial close games

They fired him
And won

It’s being suggested AP was part of the problem so I don’t think I’m suggesting something unreasonable in saying

The decision to not fire him sooner might’ve cost them the playoffs
( If he’s to blame)

Personally I think win streak started against lesser teams.

AG should be fired for hiring AP to begin with! And fire Dan for hiring AG!

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Theres been more than a few fans
Who thought AG deserved to be fired. I wasn’t one. If Lions defense under performs now , there could be those who say that was pivotal decision.

Do those of you who think AP was the problem
Think had they replaced him
Earlier , the lions make the playoffs ?

I feel like , even tho Caldwell actually fired Lombardi sort of quickly in comparison to how soon a coach typically will give a coordinator (I think it was 21-22 games ) , had he made move earlier 2014, or really 2015 could’ve been better.

Dan moved quick on Lynn, but was less quick on AP.

Again this is for those who say AP was the problem.